Wish List Wednesday…a day late!





Today’s Wish List just has some fun items on it!

The Sisters of Los Angeles glasses are from Forever 21 and would be such a great gift — they have four or five other cities, too! I’m also loving the whale box and cactus candlestick. Just two really fun, whimsical items that add some personality to the home. I really think I may get the candlesticks for my office — with some hot pink tapered candles maybe? YES!

In my mind, the quartz, bar cart, gold frame and floor lamp are all pieces that you could have forever. I love that rocks are ‘in’ right now — makes me feel less nerdy after YEARS of collecting them in high school… ha ha!

The hashtag ice trays make me excited to have a party and the shoes and necklace are both awesome — when I was traveling last week, I saw a ton of women wearing Chanel espadrilles similar to the Payless ones. They were beautiful, but I looked up the cost — almost $1,000!!! Crazy. The super cute Payless version is $30… I know which way I’m going!

Lastly…the fig tree. I can’t wait to add one of these to the office – just have a long way to go to get organized! Some greenery will be the cherry on top!

Happy shopping & have a great day!


Next Project: Staircase Gallery Wall

When I walk around our townhouse, even though we’re renting, I am pretty happy with the decor and the art that’s hanging. There are a few things I would change, of course, but I find myself seldomly buying home items lately because I feel like everything is pretty close to how I’d like it to be. The one big area that I haven’t touched yet is the wall of the staircase. It intimidates me and, now that I know it’s my last big project to tackle (with the exception of the office because that room has zero direction which I’m okay with right now), it’s like it’s staring me down every time I am on the stairs wondering why it’s still naked.

This is our current situation.


Kind of sad looking, huh? I’ve looked at SO many pictures of staircase gallery walls and I think that’s the direction I’d like to go in. It’s just really overwhelming. Here are the questions currently swimming around in my head:

1-Do I use all the same size frames or do I want to use varying sizes?

2-Should the frames all be one color or a variety of colors?

3-Do I want to mix in objects? Letters? Keepsakes?

4-Which pictures do I want to include? Vacation photos? Do I want to use ones of JUST scenes or ones with family in them and the dogs? Do I incorporate some of my watercolor paintings?

5-Do I want all the photos to be black and white? Color photos? A mixture?

6-Instead of framed photos on the wall, do I want to build rails so I can easy move the frames around and switch things up more often? (And add in holiday decor?)

First-world problems, right?

Below are some of my favorites I’ve found online.


This is so bold — I love it! Absolutely eye-catching!


White frames. Black and white photos. Simple and classic.


LOVE this — but would I get sick of it? Have to really commit with this design


LOVE the mixture of prints and photos in this one and the sheer volume of photos. But, would I be overwhelmed?


Love this look, but, again, a commitment. I’m afraid I’d be over it in a week.


Staggering ledges could be SO cool…and would allow me to make changes if I get bored. I envision something like this with the same length of ledge spaced out going down the stairs (so going lower and moving towards the bottom if you’re looking down at the stairs–and if that makes sense! Ha!)


This is simple and captivating at the same time.


This really doesn’t fit with our decor, but I had to throw it in because it’s gorgeous.


I like this – minus the two small white frames. Would probably keep it uniform and stay with the same color.

As I start planning, I’ll definitely be researching guides on the best strategies to put a gallery wall together. I found this website, so I’m hoping I can utilize some of its tips.

I would LOVE to hear any and all advice regarding this project. I’m in the process of gathering up the unused frames I have laying around or packed up in our storage unit and then… let the fun begin!

Thanks for reading and hope you’re having a wonderful week – have a great day!


Wish List Wednesday: Holiday Prep

Holiday Pics

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Y’all…. it’s November 4…that means it’s okay to talk about the holidays, right?!

I’m not going to lie — I’m one of those people that will soon start listening to Christmas music and I’ve already contemplated bringing out the holiday decor. I’m going to try and wait until Thanksgiving, but it may be tough!

I’m DYING over the matching elf pajamas (1)! Every year, I buy my SO and I new holiday-themed jammies and Target has some that would allow the puppies in on the fun! He would kill me…KILL ME! Ha!

I’m loving the lanterns (6) and the pre-lit trees (13) for the front porch — I’m going to try and up my outdoor holiday decorating this year.

Etsy has some amazing holiday items – I love this custom roller (3)! So much fun and would be great for sugar cookies. The Prosec-HO-HO-HO card (4) gave me a giggle – I know a few ladies who love champs and who would adore this card!

Hopefully, this didn’t infuriate anyone too much — I have seen WAY too much hate for those of us nerds that love the holidays on social media – to each his own, right?

With that, I’ll leave you with this:


Have a great day!




Five…err…Four Things for Friday

It has been a long week! I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt so crappy for so many days in a row. I’m excited for tonight — first home Pelicans preseason game [and thankfully last one before the regular season starts].

Looking forward to a quiet weekend, however, the opening of the Kendra Scott store is tomorrow — SO excited! I have a dinner on Saturday night on the Northshore, too, but nothing too crazy.

Happy Friday!


Fresh flowers are my favorite. The pink ones haven’t lasted too long, but the others have lasted more than two weeks!


Had the chance to experience my first LSU home game when they played Florida last weekend. Had a blast!


Sunday lunch outside with delicious eats and fun shadows at Butcher. I had the BBQ pork sandwhich — the Smoked Turkey is usually my go-to. Both are amazing.


Your weekly dose of Jersey & JoJo. Cuteness overload.

Have a great weekend!


Wish List Wednesday: Office Dreams

photo for post

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Well, I might have gone a LITTLE overboard with online browsing for today’s post! Over the weekend, I was thinking that I may swap with my SO and make his office my closet/workspace. Three seasons ago, he spent one year working from home. Now that he’s back in an office, I’m wondering if maybe we should swap. As much as I LOVE working on the couch, it’d be great to have a designated workspace – it would get all of my crafting materials out of the garage, too!

With that said, I couldn’t help but start looking online at some fun pieces to make the office a bright, inspiring room. Right now, it’s a bright blue, but I’d probably change the color to a very pale, pale blush or a light grey.

It’s hard to pick a favorite piece, but I was happy that Gal Meets Glam x Bauble Bar debuted today because a few of the items immediately caught my eye. I think my favorite is the Geo Metal Picture Fame (11) — so pretty! I love the depth of it!

I also chose a small loveseat/bed so that, if necessary, this room could be a guest room in a pinch. Ikea has such inexpensive options — Overstock had a great one, too, but it was about $200 more!

You may notice there is one thing missing: art (with the exception of the rhino –LOVE — and the gold flowers. I first saw those on Southern Curls and Pearls in yesterday’s post and really like them. I’d previously only seen white, but the gold is so pretty.  If I’m able to make the switch, I’m hoping I can make some DIY art pieces.

Hope you like some of these picks– I’d write more, but I’m feeling like I’m coming down with something and I’m pretty beat. There’s a bug that has been going around the office, so I did my best to get some extra rest last night.

What are some of your favorite/must-have office accessories?

Have a great day!