Wednesday Wish List: Winter Warmth

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It’s FINALLY been cold in New Orleans — and by cold, I mean, it’s been below 50 for, like, four days in a row. It has me daydreaming about snow and boots and mittens constantly!

Over the weekend, I did go shopping for a winter coat. I ended up getting the Vince Camuto coat featured above (9) and I’m obsessed! I saw it earlier in the season, but it was SO expensive at $275. I just can’t justify that when we live in a place that’s so warm most of the year. BUT, Macy’s had a huge sale this weekend and I ended up getting it for $103…yes! I can’t wait to wear it — as much as I love peacoats and how classic they are, I liked that this one is a little different.

I’m also VERY much coveting the white faux fur infinity scarf from Target (10). Fingers crossed it goes on sale soon!

All those years growing up and complaining about putting on mittens and scarves and hats when it was 10 degrees in Ohio were wasted on someone who didn’t truly appreciate winter accessories! Ha! Live and learn, right?

Hope you’re having a great week!

Have a great day!