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Well, I hope everyone had a great weekend. It was a bit of a bummer around here – Saints lost…Pels lost…LSU lost…and the weather was crummy all weekend.

On a positive note, the third annual PurpleStride New Orleans raised over $80,000 at its event despite some nasty weather yesterday morning. I was very lucky to volunteer at the event and the core team did an amazing job planning, as always! Congrats, guys!

I’m sending you over to for today’s post. I’m really excited to be a contributing writer for the site and my first article posted today.

Since I was in college, volunteering has been important to me. Our tennis coach at Bloomsburg, Marty Coyne, encouraged us to particpate in volunteer projects when we had the opportunity and also hosted Special Olympics clinics at our facility. When I moved to New Orleans, I wanted to be involved and have been very fortunate to spend time volunteering at Animal Rescue New Orleans, the local affiliate of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and Miracle League.

IMG_2723 Jeanne (a co-worker of mine), her buddy, Cody, myself and my buddy, Brandon a couple years ago at the Miracle League awards ceremony. Jeanne and another co-worker, Jenna, introduced me to Miracle League — such a great organization!

IMG_5846PurpleStride New Orleans 2014 with emcee Natalie Shepherd and four local survivors: Joe, Benjy, Bertha and Liz.

The Perks of Volunteering

“Find a need. Fill a need.” – How Donating Time Can Enhance your Life and Career!  

In 2013, volunteering hit its lowest rate since 2002, given that only 25.4 percent of Americans 16 and older had spent time working for an organization at least once in the prior year. In the two years after that, little changed; according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2013, the rates were 25.4 percent, and in 2014, slightly lower at 25.3 percent.

But in addition to the benefits an organization receives from a person’s time, skillset and effort, there are countless pluses for someone who spends a little time giving back – including having a positive impact on their career….Click here to continue reading

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