Wednesday’s Wish List – Game Day Black & Gold [for the fan]

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Wednesdays are starting to become my favorite post days—I have an excuse to online browse!

Today’s Wish List is all about Saints game day for the ladies. When I first moved to New Orleans, I had to rethink my game day wardrobe. Up North, we wore hoodies, jeans and sneakers to football games and, in the South, the ladies are dressed to impress.

Thankfully, the Saints colors are easy to manage — we are truly lucky! I quickly found a few fun t-shirt stores in New Orleans and three are featured in today’s post: Fleurty Girl, Storyville and Sarah Ott. Throwing on one of their t-shirts, a pair of skinny jeans and some booties was my favorite game day look when I attended games as a fan, but you can’t forget a sweater — it’s FREEZING in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome! My favorite jewelry piece included into today’s post is made by a new New Orleans friend, Rheannon. The long geode necklace (9) is part of her new jewelry collection. Check it out on Etsy–the pieces are so pretty! She’s working on adding more items, too, and I cannot wait to see them.

Items 11 & 12 are from the Kendra Scott Color Bar – such a great way to customize some gorgeous pieces for game day! The first Kendra Scott store in New Orleans opens next month and I could not be more excited!

Cute headbands and jewelry are fun for game day and I love the leather cap — great for winter games or rainy days.

The last game-day must-have is an NFL-approved clear bag. Definitely not the most chic accessory, right? My favorite is this one from Design a Latte, a local online boutique in New Orleans. You can get it personalized, too, though I opted for the plain one so friends and family can use it when they’re in town (and since I’m working, I don’t need it on home game days).

Screenshot (22)

Sunday is our final home preseason game — I’m ready for the regular season! I hope this helps my fellow female Saints fans get ready for game day — and fellas, these make great gifts for the Who Dat in your life!

Have a great day and thanks for reading! Go Saints!


5 Steps to Becoming a Sports Fan [or at least getting better at faking it]

Today’s post is for the ladies who roll their eyes every time their guy turns on SportsCenter or hides their nose in their phone during the Super Bowl.

I’m biased – I grew up around sports and was inundated by them from the time I was born – but sports can be engaging, fun, entertaining and downright emotional. They’re not everyone’s cup of tea–or bottle of Bud Light–but there are a few ways you can create a personal connection with sports and athletes so the next time your man says, “Let’s go catch a game!” you might be more open to screaming “DE-FENSE! right along with the rest of the super fans.

KD - 1 KD - 2

Above: One of my favorite NBA players, Kevin Durant, is very tight with his mom and their relationship is genuine and heartfelt. Check out his MVP speech — you’ll be an instant fan. (Photo from Kevin Durant’s Instagram account:

Find your guy[s]. Having a team or favorite athlete is critical. The minute you emotionally invest in a team or particular player, you’ll be shocked how much game day affects you. First stop: social media. Twitter and Instagram are two ways to study up on individual players and teams. Some players share personal anecdotes and photos — it will humanize them and help you find a player that you can relate to or admire for how they live life off the court. Second stop: team websites. Check out articles and the site’s video gallery — you’re bound to find a guy you like after watching coverage from community events or post-game interviews.

Learn some of the rules. Don’t be afraid to ask questions while you’re watching the game or do some googling at the office the next day if there was something that didn’t make sense to you. If the rules are too much, try learning the positions, or at least the most important ones, for your man’s favorite sport. If you know the difference between a cornerback and quarterback and your guy is a football fan, he’ll be impressed. Just try and learn a few basics and you’ll be able to hold your own. Extra tip–find a mentor! If one of your girlfriends is a sports fan, pick her brain or have her explain the must-know lingo to you.

Get some gear. What better way to get excited about something than buy a new outfit or accessory?! Check Etsy and the league’s websites for cute gear. Kendra Scott’s Color Bar is a great way to accessorize — order some fun earrings or a necklace in your team’s colors. In New Orleans, local t-shirt stores (I’ll share some of my favorites in tomorrow’s post!) are one of the best routes for fun, sassy game day t-shirts. Find a cheeky shirt with a cute saying – it will definitely make you look forward to heading to the stadium if you look the part!

Head to the game. Even if you love sports, sometimes watching on TV isn’t the best way to catch the game. Surprise your man with tickets or ask if you can be his plus-1 the next time he heads to the ballpark. Guys who love sports light up like a Christmas tree when their team is playing right in front of them. Ask questions – even if you think they’re dumb! He’ll love explaining the rules and strategy to you. He’ll be spitting out stats you don’t even understand, but it’ll be a great bonding experience and a chance to make great memories together.

Cupcakes   IMG_9998

Pictured above from left to right: Pelicans cupcakes at a pre-season planning meeting, chocolate cupcakes at a watch party later in the season.

IMG_9994   IMG_9995

Pictured above from left to right: Pelicans Hutch décor for a March watch party, Pelicans BINGO cards and the featured prize for in-game fun. 

Have a watch party. Easiest way to enjoy sports with your man — invite other couples over so the girls can chat and catch-up while the guys drink beers and watch the game. Not only will you likely have a great time, but watch parties can be very low key – no tent cards in front of the chips and salsa needed! (Though, if you know me, I probably won’t be able to help myself–Pinterest has some seriously fun game day watch party ideas!) Have everyone pick up an appetizer, put some beer on ice, throw some burgers and dogs on the grill and you’ll be good to go!

Bonus tip. Respect your man’s routine. Every sports fan has at least one superstition that they practice – some might be completely off the wall, but accept it, don’t fight it. Not only will you avoid being the scapegoat if his team loses (heaven forbid you wash those lucky PJs), but you’ll also earn some brownie points along the way.

Regardless of whether or not you know the difference between a double and a double play on your next baseball outing, your man will appreciate that you’re trying. If you get really desperate, check out this book – the few reviews were positive and looks like it covers the basics.

Good luck in finding your team–in our house it’s go Saints & Pelicans!

Have a great day!