Wish List Wednesday…a colorful edition!

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Is it obvious that I’m dreaming of being on vacation with this post? I think the HomeAway post made me want to go to the beach ASAP.

I’m loving the two beach cover-ups in this post — both from Target and the pineapple one is on sale!

The 31 bits bracelet is SO cute and would be great with a bright maxi dress — as would the Rebecca Minkoff clutch.

Hope this post brought some color to your day — I’m going to be dreaming of palm trees and the sound of waves crashing tonight!

Have a great day!


Wish List Wednesday…a day late!





Today’s Wish List just has some fun items on it!

The Sisters of Los Angeles glasses are from Forever 21 and would be such a great gift — they have four or five other cities, too! I’m also loving the whale box and cactus candlestick. Just two really fun, whimsical items that add some personality to the home. I really think I may get the candlesticks for my office — with some hot pink tapered candles maybe? YES!

In my mind, the quartz, bar cart, gold frame and floor lamp are all pieces that you could have forever. I love that rocks are ‘in’ right now — makes me feel less nerdy after YEARS of collecting them in high school… ha ha!

The hashtag ice trays make me excited to have a party and the shoes and necklace are both awesome — when I was traveling last week, I saw a ton of women wearing Chanel espadrilles similar to the Payless ones. They were beautiful, but I looked up the cost — almost $1,000!!! Crazy. The super cute Payless version is $30… I know which way I’m going!

Lastly…the fig tree. I can’t wait to add one of these to the office – just have a long way to go to get organized! Some greenery will be the cherry on top!

Happy shopping & have a great day!


Wish List Wednesday: Valentine’s Day Gifts for your Best Gal Pal

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 Even though Valentine’s Day has become QUITE the spectacle, it’s still fun to pick out sweet gifts for the special people in your life and today’s post is all about Valentine’s gifts for your bestie — and they’re all under $25!

This list has something for everyone and, once I started picking out what I thought would be fun gifts, I just kept going!

You can never go wrong with candy – and how fun is the gummy sushi (8) and the ‘Perfect Man’? (3) Ha ha! I had to include Gertrude Hawk candy — peanut butter smidgens (11) are delicious! Champs aka Bubbles (17) is something with which you can NEVER go wrong and the Pier 1 flutes (16) are so pretty with their gold stems.

Bando had some great gifts – the tumblers (1) are great and would be awesome for a girlfriend to keep at work or at her nightstand. The notebooks (7) are too cute, too!

I found a slew of fun accessories, too, like the heart sunglasses (2) from Urban Outfitters, the headphones (4) from H&M (SO cute!) and the earrings (9-on sale!) from Anthropologie. Another great sale item are those PJs from Target (5) – $13!

Rounding out my favorite gift selections was the notebook (10) from Gigi New York that says, “My tastes are simple…I’m easily satisfied with the best.” LOVE it! The fleece blanket (15) from Target is so fun and a steal at under $10. Lastly, Lush products — just can’t get enough of them! I included a pink bath bomb (14), a unicorn horn bubble bath bar (12) and a really fun lip scrub (13).

Personally, I JUST took down the last of our holiday decor items (I had a few that were hung up high that I was just too lazy to drag the letter in to take down until the weekend) and some of our outdoor decor is still up… I know, I know…SO embarrassing! It’s been chilly so I just haven’t taken the ladder outside yet and that is why Valentine’s Day isn’t really on the radar just yet.

I hope this list inspires you as it has inspired me to start brainstorming ideas for my significant other– and anyone in my life I feel like spoiling a little bit!

Have a great day and thanks for reading!


Wish List Wednesday

holiday and wlw.jpg

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Over the weekend, I was working on this post and realized how many great holiday sales were happening online…still!

The items in red are holiday clearance items that are about 75% off. H&M, Pier 1, World Market, Nordstrom and Macy’s had some great deals. If you like metallics, looking in holiday clearance sections is a great place to find gold and silver accent in addition to Christmas decor. (I may have to buy some of those wine glasses — gorgeous!)

I’ve only bought one set of sconces in my life, but two very different ones caught my eye on H&M’s site. I love the black-framed distressed-looking mirror–so pretty–and the gold star sconces are gorgeous. SUCH great prices, too. The dinner plates and serving piece from World Market look like watercolors, so I loved them immediately.

The ‘Push for Champagne’ frame is from Beauty Appeal, an Etsy store, owned my friend Aly. Her stuff is awesome — I received one of the necklaces as a Christmas gift from her sister-in-law and I LOVE it — she does custom pieces, too!

I had to throw the basketball court rug from H&M in there, too. I’ve seen it online and just love it — is it terrible that I want to buy it in case I have a sporty child someday?!

Happy shopping!

Have a great day!


Wednesday Wish List: Winter Warmth

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It’s FINALLY been cold in New Orleans — and by cold, I mean, it’s been below 50 for, like, four days in a row. It has me daydreaming about snow and boots and mittens constantly!

Over the weekend, I did go shopping for a winter coat. I ended up getting the Vince Camuto coat featured above (9) and I’m obsessed! I saw it earlier in the season, but it was SO expensive at $275. I just can’t justify that when we live in a place that’s so warm most of the year. BUT, Macy’s had a huge sale this weekend and I ended up getting it for $103…yes! I can’t wait to wear it — as much as I love peacoats and how classic they are, I liked that this one is a little different.

I’m also VERY much coveting the white faux fur infinity scarf from Target (10). Fingers crossed it goes on sale soon!

All those years growing up and complaining about putting on mittens and scarves and hats when it was 10 degrees in Ohio were wasted on someone who didn’t truly appreciate winter accessories! Ha! Live and learn, right?

Hope you’re having a great week!

Have a great day!