Five Things for Friday

Happy Friday! T-minus one day until the Pelicans’ home opener! I’m really looking forward to Saturday. On Sunday, we have a Saints home game, too, so it’s an action-packed weekend. Today’s installment of Five Things for Friday includes TWO puppy pictures — I couldn’t resist snapping Jersey snuggling with her lion. She’s so cute.

DSC_0008The girl caught me snapping away while she was all snuggled up.

IMG_1700Cutest Saturday morning date ever! Baby Will [and his mom, Julie] were the best shopping buddies at last weekend’s Kendra Scott store opening.

IMG_1769Tuesday was the start of the morning show circuit to promote some of our upcoming Pelicans games – was lucky to spend the morning with some fabulous Pelicans Dance Team members, Brianna and Taylor.

IMG_1903On Tuesday, Saints RB C.J. Spiller visited a local school as a part of the Fuel Up to Play 60 Campaign. SUDIA sponsored the visit and the kids were so energetic and had such a great time. Check out more about the visit here.

IMG_1755A rare photo of the pups snuggling…cuteness overload.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Geaux Pelicans & Saints!


The Week that Got Away…

Happy Monday!

Well, my goal of having a post every day Monday through Friday was blown up last week! I’m sorry for going almost a week (!!!) without any new content.

Last week, we had two big events: the unveiling of our Pride unifroms for Pelicans which are Mardi Gras-themed and the Justice For All Ball which was held at the Saints and Pelicans facilities on Friday night.

The below picture was taken by one of my co-workers, Ashley Amoss, at the uniform unveiling. When it came to this event, there were A LOT of variables and moving parts, but the ‘ta-daa!’ moment that we wanted so badly to create was a success. You can catch the whole video here.  There were 100 second-graders that sat in front of the stage which added a fun element and they brought some serious energy!

uni unveilingZd0kI24F2PIlm1hCnxG1hneWC-jFYWP9XTpKWn3G7zoJrue Holiday giving out high-fives at the Pride uniform unveiling. (Photo by Layne Murdoch, Jr./NBA Photos).

The next event was the Justice For All Ball benefiting the Pro Bono Project and that was on Friday night. The event was beautiful – the below photo doesn’t do it justice! I haven’t heard final numbers yet, but I hope the event raised a lot of money.

IMG_1006The Ball ended around midnight and I walked in the door at home around 3:35 a.m. After that, Saturday was pretty much a wash and I spent a lot of time napping with two of my favorite cuddle buddies.

IMG_0994 IMG_0995

They’re too funny. JoJo always lays next to the bed like that, but, most times, sticks his head underneath so it’s dark — he’s an ostrich dog!

Yesterday was game day for the Saints… not the outcome we were all hoping for but tomorrow is the start of a new day!

Here’s to a good start of the week! Leaving you with one of my favorite quotes from this article. I can’t even remember where I first clicked on a link, but it was an interesting read.

“You bring your own weather to the picnic.”

Have a great day!


Five Things for Friday

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

This week has felt like a marathon! Though there will definitely be some visits to the office this weekend, I hope to knock out a few things around the house and take the pups to the dog park a couple of times.

Today’s Five Things for Friday is a meaningful one. Hope you enjoy!


It’s hard to believe it’s already September — which means basketball season is right around the corner! Above is a pregame shot before Game 3… can’t wait to have the Pels back in the Smoothie King Center.


The above photo is from last year’s New Orleans PurpleStride hosted by the local affiliate of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Hosted by Natalie Shepherd, four local survivors are featured in this photo. This year’s event is coming up on Sunday, Nov. 8. You can register here.  It’s an amazing event run by passionate volunteers that supports a more-than-worthy cause in the fight against pancreatic cancer. More information about the organization can be found at


I saw on Facebook that this month is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. In the center of this photo is Bailey, a patient at St. Jude that we met last year (also pictured is my gal pal and co-worker Ashley). Next week, I’ll post Bailey’s story — she is the most incredible kid! To increase awareness for Childhood Cancer Awareness, #ShowYourGold this month.


Last weekend, I had a bunch of photos printed from Africa for my office and this will always be one of my favorites. In the print, you can see even better how the rhino is looking directly into the lens. It was so cool to be so close to him as he marked his territory and milled around. Seeing so many animals last summer was amazing, but the rhinos were the most magical — they remind me of a dinosaur or a mythical creature because of their horns. It’s such a shame their population has been decreased so drastically by poaching. Also — if you’re an animal lover — check out National Geographic’s Warlords of Ivory. Journalist Bryan Christy is planting faux ivory tusks with GPS trackers to an effort to follow the ivory trade market through Central Africa. The special that aired last week showed the impact of ivory trade on the elephant population, but, even more tragically, the violent and volatile situation it has created throughout Africa, especially the Central African Republic, South Sudan and Kafia Kingi. The information through this interactive map provides staggering statistics. The group responsible for the ivory trafficking, has killed or abducted more than 8,000 people.

dog park 1Today’s post is rounded out with a picture of my little guy, JoJo. I love this photo — he’s so happy in front of his favorite tree at the dog park. Hopefully, we get there at least once this weekend.

Hope everyone finishes out the week strong and has a great long weekend!