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Holy cow…did anyone see this article yesterday?!

One in 10 college GRADUATES believes that Judge Judy is a Supreme Court Justice. What the what?! According to a recent study from the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA), this is true…which is frightening.

tv-judge-judy Photo credit: Damian Dovarganes/Associated Press

I’m not going to sit here and pretend like I can rattle off all of the Supreme Court Justices, BUT I know Judge Judy certainly isn’t one of them.

In today’s society, most of us are guilty of being caught up in social media and my mom is always on my case about it, but, I feel like, at the very least, I definitely spend a lot of that time reading news articles. The topics vary, but at least it’s news, right?

When I selected today’s articles, I wanted them to be fun and interesting, but I hope you learn something from them, too – if nothing else, at least you know that Judge Judy isn’t a Supreme Court Justice, right? 🙂

One of my favorite blogs, Cupcakes & Cashmere featured a great post yesterday about incorporating greenery in your décor and the benefits it has on your health and environment.

Former NFL wide receiver Randle El was featured in an article (Click on WR) in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s 40X 10XL special section. Forty years ago, the Steelers won Super Bowl X. A decade ago, they took XL. The publication talked to former players who were catalysts in the team’s success and EL discussed his feelings about the long-term physical effects on him and how he’d do things differently.

No food is healthy. This article made me giggle a little as it made valid points about how we view health and nutrition.

Two separate studies are showing that vacations and green space are good for your mental and physical health. After saying, ‘duh,’ I proceeded to read about life as a safari guide. So interesting…take me back to Africa, please. Life. Changing.

These photos are beautiful and offer a performer’s perspective.

Wow… VERY eye opening.

Jillian Harris posted an article about the grim future for our oceans: There Will Be More Plastic Garbage Than Fish in Our Oceans By 2050. This gives me hope.

Lastly, this explains so much about my cheese obsession.

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Links to Love

IMG_3531Two sweet puppies snuggling in front of the tree…missing holiday decor already.

A few fun links to brighten up your day…or inspire your next trip!

Grilled cheese…yes, please! May have to try one of these at home this weekend!

Likely going to be doing some studying this weekend to learn more about using my new Apple Watch.

I feel like I’ve seen a ton of these charts, but they never cease to amaze me.

I’ve bookmarked this article twice…ha ha! Definitely want to utilize it to try and get my life together over the next fwe weeks.

Was doing some research before my mom came in town and stumbled across 16 Must-Visit Spots in New Orleans. Adding these to my list of places to visit.

Dreaming of summer vacation and obsessing over a new place every week. This week: Canada.

I received some great trail shoes for Christmas. Found my first hiking destination in Mississippi.

Have you checked out Wild Safari Live yet? Do it.

Best part of my mom dragging me to the French Quarter (other than beignets, of course), was picking up a few new candles from Orleans Candles. They didn’t have my favorite – Orleans No. 9 – but I am LOVING the Garden District and NOLA scents.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Day 1

Happy Monday!

With the start of the holiday season (in OCTOBER it seems!), I put together a few (a lot) of gift guides. The more I brainstormed, the more different ‘people’ I ended up browsing for.

Today, we’ll start with Mom and Dad and I’ll post at least two per day. I actually saw the below graphic on Facebook and really liked it. There is so much emphasis put on gifts on Christmas in our society –my house included–I wish everyone would scale back a little and focus more on being with family and friends.


Graphic from Money Saving Sisters.

Like I mentioned, today’s post will start with gift ideas for Mom and Dad. I focused on 7-9 ideas for each post you’ll see this week and tried to find a variety of items for each person on your list. I also tried to be budget-friendly and most items are below $50 (except for splurge items, of course). Additionally, the items that have red font have a charitable component included. I REALLY tried to find companies and items that gave back, even if it’s just $1 per purchase.

Without further ado, let’s get Gift Guide Week started!


For the mind: I wanted to choose a fun book for mom and I have heard amazing things about this one…I mean, let’s be honest, Tina Fey is hilarious!

To relax: Lush products are very popular in my house — they’re all natural, the company fights animal testing and gives back through its annual Charity Pot (which you’ll see later in this list). I loved this combination – it’s a bath bomb and “bubble” that both have floral scents AND it comes wrapped! Lush products smell amazing!

To accessorize: Scarves are a great accessory for everyone — you can tie them a million different ways and they can add a pop of color to an outfit. The scarf I’ve included comes in a bunch of different colors and–best of all–it supports FASHIONABLE. FASHIONABLE works with “women, both locally and globally, who have overcome challenges ranging from prostitution to addiction to a lack of opportunity.”

For the Home: These glasses stuck out to me because: 1. they are beautiful and 2. a portion of the profits made from them goes towards coastal restoration in the Gulf South. Mignon Faget is a very popular jeweler in New Orleans and the store carries beautiful gifts, as well. Don’t worry, they ship everywhere!

To wear: Last week, I professed my love for ponchos and this one would be a beautiful gift. Even in New Orleans, where we have very mild weather, having one or two ponchos in the wardrobe is great when the weather cools off.

To stay fit: As our parents get older, it’s important they stay active. FitBit has great products to help them do so. The Zip is the most simple of the models and would be great for a mom to keep track of her activity.

To feel pretty: The Charity Pot is a great gift that also gives back — smells amazing and leaves skin feeling so soft!

Splurge!: I chose this timeless tote as a splurge gift for mom. This is another piece that supports a great organization — Sseko Designs. Sseko Designs uses fashion to provide employment and scholarship opportunities to women pursuing their dreams and overcoming poverty.  To date, Sseko Designs has enabled 60 Ugandans to continue on to University. Sseko provides employment (along with access to a comprehensive social impact program) to its team of 50 women in Uganda.

Steal!: How fun is this mug! Mom can have coffee and a treat– couldn’t resist this adorable gift!

Bonus idea!: I couldn’t resist this 31Bits necklace and bracelet combination as a great gift for mom. It’s from 31Bits’ Refined collection. So beautiful!

Now it’s Dad’s turn!


For the mind:  In the coming days, you’ll see that I did some shopping in National Geographic’s store and The Generals was one of the books I found. It takes an in-depth look at the intertwined stories of George Patton, Douglas MacArthur and George Marshall through WWI and the start of WWII. The great thing is — a portion of profits from the NG Store benefit the National Geographic Society which has given more than 11,000 grants supporting exploration, conservation, cultural preservation and education since its inception in 1888.

To feel handsome: This shaving set is something Dad probably won’t buy for himself, but it’s full of great products for the perfect shave!

To accessorize: Love this visor from the Human Rights Campaign website — another organization that makes some awesome gear and the profits go to a great cause!

For the Home: I couldn’t make a decision on this one! For my dad, I always end up grabbing items with his favorite teams. I love the Pelicans Tervis water bottle – it’d be great for work, the beach…everything! Tervis has EVERY team you could ever imagine. Such a great gift! And then, there is the Golfer’s BBQ set. Seriously, could this be any more awesome?  Uncommon Goods has great gifts and they donate$1 from every purchase to the charity of your choice (they have four to choose from).

To wear: It may be impossible to send your dad to a sporting event or a concert that he dreams of attending, but you can get him the gear! This Masters polo is so nice and it’s a tournament my dad enjoys watching every year as a huge golf fan. Polo shirts with the logo of your dad’s favorite sports team would make a great option, too.

Splurge!: My SO is a big fan of giving experiences as gift and this splurge is no exception. Pinehurst is a coveted course for any golfer to play and the package allows you to make it a little more all-inclusive than just paying for a round of golf. Check out the area your family lives in or where your dad resides–you might be able to make a dream come true!

Steal!: This cracked me up–soap with caffeine?! Amazing! This would be a great stocking stuffer!

Bonus idea!: For a wine-drinking dad, find a cool gadget like this opener to make opening his favorite bottle a little easier.

That’s it for Day 1! Hope this was helpful and gave you a great idea or at least got your wheels turning on some great gift ideas for Mom or Dad.

Have a great day!


Links to Love

It’s almost Friday!

I’ve been feeling a little under the weather all week and finally gave in and went home early yesterday. I’m hoping it’s not a real cold and just the effects of being rundown. Hopefully, a little rest and some Vitamin C will do the trick.

Below are some fun links for the week. A nice way to take a 15-minute break this afternoon.


Love the dance party Taylor Swift had with a seven-year-old super fan! It will make your day! (Photo is a screenshot from the video)

Bookmarking this list for when we got to NYC next summer. Conde Nast Traveler is a must-like on Facebook…so much great info for travelers!

Hoping to spend some time writing this weekend. This coffee bar has been on my list. Anyone else have suggestions?

Rented two dresses (12) from Rent the Runway for an upcoming event. Now, I just need to pick out something to do with my hair!

Can’t say it enough — Sophia Bush is a bad a**.  Love this article posted in July; some incredible insight.

This article is a must-read. Whether it’s the Real Housewives series or celebrity gossip outlets pitting starts against one another, women fighting each other instead of supporting each other is EVERYWHERE. Let’s change that!

Planning on trying out some DIY projects this weekend from this site. Hoping I’ll be sharing success stories with you soon — no #fail!

Anthropologie makes organization look so darn pretty.

I might need to order this shirt.

Interesting read about different social media aspects of #NYFW.

Couldn’t stop giggling watching videos making fun of Ohioans – the first one cracked me up because her ‘a’ pronunciation is so NE Ohio!  (1 I 2 I 3)

Have a great day!