Five Things for Friday

Happy [almost] weekend!

We’re expecting REALLY nasty weather this weekend. I’m hoping it will force me to clean and organize and get the office setup and on its way to being done.

Enjoy today’s photos!

IMG_0721The Pels/Saints crew planned a saBARi (=safari-themed bar crawl) to celebrate the new job – kudos, Johnny, on the idea! The event also featured worst hangover ever (thanks, guys!).

IMG_0750JoJo Bear on his favorite blanket on his favorite chair.

IMG_0755Congratulatory flowers – so pretty! Thanks, Dad & Janice!

IMG_0774My two office mates. #grind

IMG_0787First week working from home in the books. Some of my favorite office essentials (stationary and to-do list pad from Target; candle by Mad Darling – I’m OBSESSED!)

Have a great weekend – and Louisiana friends, stay safe!

Thanks for reading!


Five…err Four Things for Friday

It’s been… a week. Looking forward to the weekend and spending lots of time the pups.

Here are four images from the week. Have a wonderful weekend!

IMG_0275SO appreciative of the gifts received from Jordan Reid of Ramshackle Glam for winning a contest she hosted on her blog to celebrate the release of her new book, Carrying On. I started it on Friday night and had finished it by Saturday at lunch. A great read!

IMG_0296My homemade [vegan] version of Mexican pizza. YUM!

IMG_0343My first vegan baking attempt: vanilla cupcakes via Minimalist Baker. The first round wasn’t so good, but the second batch came out delicious!

DSC_1272#FBF: Found this while organizing photos. Snapped it as the sun was going down in Old San Juan during our summer vacation (2012). Loved the pure joy on the kids’ faces as they played in the fountains.

Have a great day and thanks for reading!


P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Five Things for Friday

I’m SO excited about the next two weeks! With the combination of Mardi Gras and All-Star, we will have a few days off without home games and I’m really hoping to finally share a few fun projects and some GREAT recipes on the blog!

For now, here are five photos from this week. Have a great weekend!

IMG_0102One of my favorite events from NBA FIT Week with Eric Gordon. A broken finger didn’t stop him from playing with the kids.

IMG_0128Testing out one of the brands of nut cheese last weekend.

IMG_0140Vegan chocolate chip cookies that taste no different than any homemade version I’ve ever made – and co-worker approved!

IMG_0167The King Cake Baby and PDT members Brianna and Kaitlin during media hits.

IMG_0244Loving these planters at a house in Mid-City during a shoot this week.

Have a great day!


Five Things for Friday

Happy Friday!

This week has been a bit of a #fail as far as blogging. Work’s been a little busy and I haven’t slept great. Still trying to get rid of this cold, so I rested as much as possible. Also — stay tuned for lots of recipes! I’ve been cooking a lot this week and have a few more experiments planned for the weekend!



Had to include this snapshot of Mohawk Jo from our groomer!

IMG_4055These two…pre-haircut in their new sweaters.

IMG_3981Homemade almond milk inspired by Erin Ireland‘s Snap Story.

IMG_4061A shot from conservationist Greg Rasmussen’s presentation at Audubon Zoo this week. Greg founded the Painted Dog Conservation project. He’s now shifted his efforts to the Painted Dog Research Trust and it was fascinating hearing about his work, the dogs and life in the Bush.

IMG_4029Jersey might have a crush on Pierre the Pelican.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading — especially on a weekend when content was a little sparse!




Five Things for Friday

Happy Friday!

This week felt so long even though we had Monday off — I’m breaking down and going to the doctor again. This cold/cough has been going for six-plus weeks now and I’ve had it!

Here are five photos to start the weekend!

IMG_3924Brisket sliders & marinated brussel sprouts from Butcher.

IMG_3873Jersey put herself to bed on Saturday night.

IMG_3964My selfie game sucks, but Mom wanted a picture of the sunglasses she got me for Christmas. Love them — and love that they do more than protect my eyes from the sun. Thanks, Mom!

IMG_3913Received the best mail this week: a delivery from Rehab for Katy! So excited about the inspirational calendar and notecards — thank you, sweet friend! Check her out — she’s amazing!

IMG_3910A fresh New Jersey everything bagel + veggie cream cheese = happiness (& dinner on Tuesday)! Peppermint tea for dessert isn’t so bad either.

Have a great weekend & thanks for reading!