Wish List Wednesday: Valentine’s Day Gifts for your man or woman [DIY, inexpensive & thoughtful]

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Happy Wednesday!

This week is going fast since the office was closed and this weekend is the NBA All-Star Break…and I am NOT complaining about it!

Today’s post is for those of us who aren’t so into Valentine’s Day, but still would love to do something thoughtful for our significant other. This Wednesday post is a little non-traditional as in there aren’t links for every idea. Hope this helps you last-minute shoppers!

1 – 52 Reasons Why I Love You – I’ve seen this gift on Pinterest a ton and it’s super cute. It’s so cheap and easy and all the materials you need could be found at the drug store or even the Dollar Store. Just come up with 52 reasons, type or write them on a sheet of paper you can glue to the cards, use some binder rings to bind them and you’re done!

2 – Love Letter Board with Candy – This is another Pinterest favorite and there are a TON of versions on the website you can use. Or, you can get creative and write your own – just use one of the previous ones that uses the candy ‘terms’ for your love letter. Another one that can be sourced at the drug store or Dollar Store!

3 – A Cuddle Kit for 2 – I LOVE this one! Grab all the goodies – and extra candy or snacks you and your love enjoy during movie nights and enjoy a night in!

4 – Memory Balloons – As a gift one year, when I had been with someone for five Valentine’s Days, I bought five balloons and attached a weight and card to each. Each card had the number of the year we’d been together and my favorite memory from that year. I also made a chocolate cake [the best recipe!] with a heart made out of pink M&M’s on the top and dropped everything off at work. He had said it was one of his favorite gifts…even if he was a little embarrassed at the office!

5 – Swedish Fish Gift – This one is so easy and so cute and can be done for a ton of different candies. Again, Pinterest is your BFF on this one – search the favorite candy of your significant other and Valentine’s Day and you’ll have lots of ideas to choose from!

6 – Date Jar – Such a fun idea! Those this may take a LITTLE more time than some of the others, I love this idea. Each color popsicle stick determines the type of date.

7 – Coupon Book – Another classic DIY gift, there are a million templates online, but be creative and personalize some of them. If your guy or gal loves breakfast in bed, include that – or if there is a restaurant you hate but they love, promise to eat a meal there together. This one is easily personalized and can make a person feel so so special!

8 – Dessert surprise! – Scoop up your significant other’s favorite restaurant dessert and hand deliver it – always a treat!

9 – Basket of Favorites – The picture of the next gift idea is one I helped a co-worker put together for one of her staff members as a thank you. It’s so easy to make and personalize to really spoil the person on the receiving end. Collect candy, gift cards and other items, hot glue them to a dowel and find a great container to put them all in. Here’s an easy tutorial (I’ll admit, I didn’t use floral tape when I made mine) – it’s SUCH an easy gift to be as creative or simple as you wish!

10 – Book his or her favorite day! – Similar to the coupons and spoiling your significant other by promising to put on a smile and participate in their favorite outing, activity or heading to their favorite restaurant, this one is a way to really show you care. A lot of times, your loved one may not suggest their favorite activities or places because he/she knows it’s not on your list – surprise them by already having everything set! A simple, but sweet and thoughtful gesture.

11 – Cook his or her favorite meal – I feel like I am guilty of always deferring to this, but, homemade lobster ravioli is always a hit. If your significant other has a favorite meal at a restaurant that’s not TOO far outside of your comfort zone to make, gift it a shot. If you can, find a way to incorporate hearts – like the heart-shaped cookie cutter I used to make raviolis – or make a heart-shaped cake. Again, it’s the thought that counts with this one — well, if the house is still standing when you’re done in the kitchen!

I hope these ideas help if you’re looking for a last-minute idea that’s thoughtful, simple and doesn’t break the bank!

What are your Valentine’s Day plans?

Have a great day!



DIY: HEY Y’ALL sweatshirt

It’s hard to believe it’s already Monday! Our office is closed, but the team is playing on ESPN against the Memphis Grizzlies as a part of the NBA’s traditional games on MLK Day. I saw this graphic on Instagram and thought it was a great thing to remember on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Screenshot (2)

Today’s project is an easy one. I love shirts with phrases on it — I don’t know why I gravitate to them so much, but they are just fun. I think when I see someone wearing a cheeky shirt, I think to myself, “That person doesn’t take themselves too seriously and they likely don’t hate fun.” Ha ha! Seems simple enough.

Here’s what you need.



-Iron-on lace (I can’t find it online, but I bought mine at JoAnn Fabric and it was perfect for this!)

-A blank pre-washed shirt of your choice



-Print out in actual size of what you want the shirt to say

-Extra shirt or towel for ironing


1-Decide what you’d like to have your shirt say and play around with fonts/shapes/sizes on the computer (I used Arial Narrow for this project).

2-Cut out the letters.

3-Tape them to a piece of the iron-on lace so you can easy cut the letter out.

4-Lay out the letters on your sweatshirt. I wish I had flattened the ‘roll’ of lace before I started, but live and learn!

5-Put a t-shirt or thin towel over your letters (I did one word at a time) and hold for 60 seconds.

6-Remove the iron and admire your work! Repeat this step until you’ve affixed everything to the sweatshirt.

7-Dress & impress!

Note: Sadly, mine’s not perfect. The ‘H’ is a little bit crooked — drats!





I thought this one would be cute with black jeans, booties and a chambray shirt and statement necklace. Love how the lace ended up looking! Sorry about the lighting in this shot — it was taken in a different room than the others.

Hope you enjoy this fun DIY — man, the things I could do if I had a Cricut! Ha ha!

Have a great day!



Next Project: Staircase Gallery Wall

When I walk around our townhouse, even though we’re renting, I am pretty happy with the decor and the art that’s hanging. There are a few things I would change, of course, but I find myself seldomly buying home items lately because I feel like everything is pretty close to how I’d like it to be. The one big area that I haven’t touched yet is the wall of the staircase. It intimidates me and, now that I know it’s my last big project to tackle (with the exception of the office because that room has zero direction which I’m okay with right now), it’s like it’s staring me down every time I am on the stairs wondering why it’s still naked.

This is our current situation.


Kind of sad looking, huh? I’ve looked at SO many pictures of staircase gallery walls and I think that’s the direction I’d like to go in. It’s just really overwhelming. Here are the questions currently swimming around in my head:

1-Do I use all the same size frames or do I want to use varying sizes?

2-Should the frames all be one color or a variety of colors?

3-Do I want to mix in objects? Letters? Keepsakes?

4-Which pictures do I want to include? Vacation photos? Do I want to use ones of JUST scenes or ones with family in them and the dogs? Do I incorporate some of my watercolor paintings?

5-Do I want all the photos to be black and white? Color photos? A mixture?

6-Instead of framed photos on the wall, do I want to build rails so I can easy move the frames around and switch things up more often? (And add in holiday decor?)

First-world problems, right?

Below are some of my favorites I’ve found online.


This is so bold — I love it! Absolutely eye-catching!


White frames. Black and white photos. Simple and classic.


LOVE this — but would I get sick of it? Have to really commit with this design


LOVE the mixture of prints and photos in this one and the sheer volume of photos. But, would I be overwhelmed?


Love this look, but, again, a commitment. I’m afraid I’d be over it in a week.


Staggering ledges could be SO cool…and would allow me to make changes if I get bored. I envision something like this with the same length of ledge spaced out going down the stairs (so going lower and moving towards the bottom if you’re looking down at the stairs–and if that makes sense! Ha!)


This is simple and captivating at the same time.


This really doesn’t fit with our decor, but I had to throw it in because it’s gorgeous.


I like this – minus the two small white frames. Would probably keep it uniform and stay with the same color.

As I start planning, I’ll definitely be researching guides on the best strategies to put a gallery wall together. I found this website, so I’m hoping I can utilize some of its tips.

I would LOVE to hear any and all advice regarding this project. I’m in the process of gathering up the unused frames I have laying around or packed up in our storage unit and then… let the fun begin!

Thanks for reading and hope you’re having a wonderful week – have a great day!


DIY Gift Idea: For your MistleTOES!

Happy Monday!

Today’s post is the perfect little gift for co-workers or girlfriends. A couple of years ago, I made this for my female co-workers. I always like to put a little something together for the girls in the office that I’m close with–in most jobs, especially sports, you spend a TON of time with one another and they’re all such great people. It’s the least I can do to thank them for the vent sessions or the help or advice for an event!

When I plan for gifts in the office every year, I always want to get something that can actually be used. Food is always a good option, too, but I usually prefer to do a gift for the ladies (we all know the guys prefer sweets!). This DIY was my gift two years ago and last year, I did a set of wine charms (DIY coming later this week). Hopefully, the girls think they’re useful! This would make a great hostess gift, too — you can always include multiple bottles of polish!


Here’s how I did it:


-Bottle of nail polish (I got mine for $1 a piece at Ulta on Black Friday – they were holiday-ish colors!)

Glitter pens (I use these and LOVE them; they’re great for nail art, too!)

Clear plastic bags

Jingle bells

Thin red ribbon

Blank gift tags

Fake snow

Red shredded metallic paper (Found this online, but I usually just buy it at Michael’s)


1-Make your tags. You’ll want to include “For your MistleTOES” on it somewhere, but put your spin on it. I used a Sharpie to write the message and then used the glitter pens to highlight ‘TOES’ and the heart.

2-Fill the bag about 1/3 full with the metallic shredded paper.

3-Add the nail polish bottle.

4-Lastly, sprinkle a little faux snow in the bag to give it some sparkle.

5-String the tag and tie it around the top of the bag once.

6-String your jingle bell on next and tie a double knot before tying the rest of the ribbo in a bow.

Easy, right? This idea was on Pinterest a few years ago and my co-worker and I both did it for everyone! Haha! But, you can never have too much nail polish, right?

What gifts do you give your co-workers? What’s your go-to DIY gift? Would love to hear more ideas!

Have a great day!



10-minute project: Snowman Sweatshirt

One of the best part of the holidays are festive sweaters and sweatshirts. It’s a blast to go to a holiday party and don your favorite cheesy Christmas apparel. I can’t remember what I was reading, but recently, a link took me to the below sweatshirt on ShopBop.

Microsoft Word - Document1

So cute, right? Price check: $98. What the WHAT?! (as my co-worker Julie would say). It’s cute, but that’s just too much for a sweatshirt that might be worn once a year. But… it’s the perfect DIY project!

This project cost under $15 and took less than 10 minutes. During a busy holiday season, that’s all you can ask for, right?



-White sweatshirt (I got mine at Walmart for $5.96; it’s even cheaper on the website!)

-Sheet of orange felt

-Sheet for black felt

Liquid Stitch



1-Lay your sweatshirt out.

2-Cut two large squares with rounded edges for eyes, the carrot nose and seven squares with rounded edges for the mouth. I based the size of each on the proportions on the sweatshirt.

3-Cover the back with a hearty amount of Liquid Stitch and secure on sweatshirt.


4-Let the sweatshirt and all the pieces dry for 30 minutes.


I mean, really? How easy is that?!


As you prep for the holidays, don’t spend too much time if you’re looking for a festive top for a party. This DIY will save you lots of stress and time. Throw on a red scarf, a black winter hat or top hat (that would be so cute!) and head to your party!

Have a great day!