10 Links to Make Your Week

Happy Thursday!

Today’s a Saints game day which is very exciting!

Below are 10 links I’m loving this week. Enjoy!

If you’re a buckeye, this will certainly excite you! O-H…I-O!

Ellen FINALLY returns on Sept. 8! I have missed her!

Found a new-to-me jewelry line to feed my tassel obsession.

Has anyone ever been to Clark Creek Nature Area? Would love an outdoors day!

I read an article this week about how every professional should have a personal website. Here are some tips to building your personal brand.

Interesting read about parental care and maternity leave around the world.

Dear Amy Shumer & Jennifer Lawrence, can we please be friends? Y’all have so much fun!

After chopping off my hair in June, I STILL feeling like I’m learning how to style the ‘lob.’ Can’t wait to try out some of these tips.

Some great cleaning hacks – especially for baking sheets.

Cuteness overload.

Have a great day!