Wish List Wednesday…a day late!





Today’s Wish List just has some fun items on it!

The Sisters of Los Angeles glasses are from Forever 21 and would be such a great gift — they have four or five other cities, too! I’m also loving the whale box and cactus candlestick. Just two really fun, whimsical items that add some personality to the home. I really think I may get the candlesticks for my office — with some hot pink tapered candles maybe? YES!

In my mind, the quartz, bar cart, gold frame and floor lamp are all pieces that you could have forever. I love that rocks are ‘in’ right now — makes me feel less nerdy after YEARS of collecting them in high school… ha ha!

The hashtag ice trays make me excited to have a party and the shoes and necklace are both awesome — when I was traveling last week, I saw a ton of women wearing Chanel espadrilles similar to the Payless ones. They were beautiful, but I looked up the cost — almost $1,000!!! Crazy. The super cute Payless version is $30… I know which way I’m going!

Lastly…the fig tree. I can’t wait to add one of these to the office – just have a long way to go to get organized! Some greenery will be the cherry on top!

Happy shopping & have a great day!


What I Would Pack with HomeAway

Happy Thursday!

First off, thank you all for reading yesterday’s post — I received a ton of great comments on social media and so many of you read the post, which is so much appreciated it.

I’m excited to have worked with HomeAway on a fun post talking vacation essentials– I mean, who’s NOT excited about getting away this summer?

First, I picked a place to go and I chose the Florida Gulf Coast – specifically, Navarre Beach! You can check out some other beautiful locations along the Florida Panhandle here. I’ve been looking at places in hopes of getting a chance to sneak off to the beach of a long weekend and found some beautiful options there–the white sand and blue-green water?! Sign. Me. Up.

Here are my essentials:

HA Getaway_Lindsey2

Bobble water bottle: I’ve talked about Bobble’s products before, but having water out by the beach is essential — especially if you’re sipping a couple of cocktails. It’s all about balance, right?! I will always love Bobble’s products since they filter water as you drink it, help cut down on the amount of plastic water bottles used and make life so easy when traveling.

Budget-friendly floppy hat: As I get older, I practically hide from the sun — so much for all of those days of throwing tanning oil on and trying to get as tan as possible! I’d love to get a beautiful, expensive hat, but reality sets in when it comes to the wind, the water and the salt. This Forever 21 option is fantastic! I bought three when we went on our trip to the BVIs and wore two of them out during the trip. When I’m having fun with family on the beach playing games or going in the water, I don’t want to be worrying about getting my hat wet!

A great book [or series of books!]: I’ve shared my Hunger Games obsessed before and the series is one of my favorite beach reads. Sitting by the water with a book listening to the waves crash — my favorite place on Earth!

BB cream with SPF: When CC and BB creams started becoming popular, I bought a sample pack for the above mentioned trip to the BVIs thinking it’d be great to have some coverage — especially with a high SPF — and have the chance to even out my skin with minimal work before hitting the beach, pool or heading out on the boat. This one by Dr. Jart is fantastic — such great products, coverage and protection from the sun.

The perfect beach chair: Last, but maybe most important is a good beach chair. Tommy Bahama makes some great chairs (and sometimes you can find them at Costco or B.J.’s for a steal!). This chair is my tried and true – lots of pockets, a cup holder and it’s a backpack. We sneak our towels in there, as well, while we’re walking out to claim our spot. I’ll take my chair down by the water and let the waves hit my feet, while I enjoy my book and a drink…can I go to the beach right now, PLEASE?!

I hope you enjoyed this post — I’ve always been a beach girl, so it was fun teaming up with HomeAway to share some of my essentials. Now, I just need to book the vacation.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


Wish List Wednesday: Valentine’s Day Gifts for your man or woman [DIY, inexpensive & thoughtful]

VDay - Signif other.jpg

Happy Wednesday!

This week is going fast since the office was closed and this weekend is the NBA All-Star Break…and I am NOT complaining about it!

Today’s post is for those of us who aren’t so into Valentine’s Day, but still would love to do something thoughtful for our significant other. This Wednesday post is a little non-traditional as in there aren’t links for every idea. Hope this helps you last-minute shoppers!

1 – 52 Reasons Why I Love You – I’ve seen this gift on Pinterest a ton and it’s super cute. It’s so cheap and easy and all the materials you need could be found at the drug store or even the Dollar Store. Just come up with 52 reasons, type or write them on a sheet of paper you can glue to the cards, use some binder rings to bind them and you’re done!

2 – Love Letter Board with Candy – This is another Pinterest favorite and there are a TON of versions on the website you can use. Or, you can get creative and write your own – just use one of the previous ones that uses the candy ‘terms’ for your love letter. Another one that can be sourced at the drug store or Dollar Store!

3 – A Cuddle Kit for 2 – I LOVE this one! Grab all the goodies – and extra candy or snacks you and your love enjoy during movie nights and enjoy a night in!

4 – Memory Balloons – As a gift one year, when I had been with someone for five Valentine’s Days, I bought five balloons and attached a weight and card to each. Each card had the number of the year we’d been together and my favorite memory from that year. I also made a chocolate cake [the best recipe!] with a heart made out of pink M&M’s on the top and dropped everything off at work. He had said it was one of his favorite gifts…even if he was a little embarrassed at the office!

5 – Swedish Fish Gift – This one is so easy and so cute and can be done for a ton of different candies. Again, Pinterest is your BFF on this one – search the favorite candy of your significant other and Valentine’s Day and you’ll have lots of ideas to choose from!

6 – Date Jar – Such a fun idea! Those this may take a LITTLE more time than some of the others, I love this idea. Each color popsicle stick determines the type of date.

7 – Coupon Book – Another classic DIY gift, there are a million templates online, but be creative and personalize some of them. If your guy or gal loves breakfast in bed, include that – or if there is a restaurant you hate but they love, promise to eat a meal there together. This one is easily personalized and can make a person feel so so special!

8 – Dessert surprise! – Scoop up your significant other’s favorite restaurant dessert and hand deliver it – always a treat!

9 – Basket of Favorites – The picture of the next gift idea is one I helped a co-worker put together for one of her staff members as a thank you. It’s so easy to make and personalize to really spoil the person on the receiving end. Collect candy, gift cards and other items, hot glue them to a dowel and find a great container to put them all in. Here’s an easy tutorial (I’ll admit, I didn’t use floral tape when I made mine) – it’s SUCH an easy gift to be as creative or simple as you wish!

10 – Book his or her favorite day! – Similar to the coupons and spoiling your significant other by promising to put on a smile and participate in their favorite outing, activity or heading to their favorite restaurant, this one is a way to really show you care. A lot of times, your loved one may not suggest their favorite activities or places because he/she knows it’s not on your list – surprise them by already having everything set! A simple, but sweet and thoughtful gesture.

11 – Cook his or her favorite meal – I feel like I am guilty of always deferring to this, but, homemade lobster ravioli is always a hit. If your significant other has a favorite meal at a restaurant that’s not TOO far outside of your comfort zone to make, gift it a shot. If you can, find a way to incorporate hearts – like the heart-shaped cookie cutter I used to make raviolis – or make a heart-shaped cake. Again, it’s the thought that counts with this one — well, if the house is still standing when you’re done in the kitchen!

I hope these ideas help if you’re looking for a last-minute idea that’s thoughtful, simple and doesn’t break the bank!

What are your Valentine’s Day plans?

Have a great day!



New Glasses for Spring with Warby Parker

Since I was in high school, contacts and glasses has been a part of my daily routine. I’ve never really liked the way I look in glasses (especially when I was in that awkward teenage stage!), so I’ve always deferred to contacts.

Sadly, although I love their convenience and they don’t get in the way or require any make-up alterations, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve had to give in and wear my glasses more often. The combination of long hours and time spent in a big, dry arena will do that – one of my first seasons, my eyes got so irritated that I had to wear glasses for three-straight weeks. I was SO mad… #firstworldproblems, right?

That’s why I’m so excited about today’s post. I’ve recently been looking into buying another pair of trendier glasses to mix in with the pair of Tory Burch glasses I’ve had for years (they have held up GREAT but are showing their age). Jillian Harris actually inspired me as she often posts pictures and Snaps of her in a pair of larger-framed glasses. She makes them look so chic and stylish – I call them ‘nerd frames,’ but she makes them look cool! I’m hoping I can do the same… only time will tell!

Microsoft Word - Document1Photo from Jillian Harris’ Instagram

In addition to wearing glasses more during the day, I also love the idea of buying a pair of prescription sunglasses for the beach because the wind, sand and salt gives contacts a beating!

With that said, here we go! Warby Parker launched its spring collection and it is SO much fun, while also being practical, and, most importantly, affordable! With good insurance, my Tory Burch glasses STILL cost about $200. Warby Parker has launched some great frames that start at $95 for single-vision glasses AND you can try them on before you order as a part of the company’s Home Try-On option.

Here are my five favorite pairs that I’m hoping to try on through the program. Let’s start with the optical options

1 – Dorset – Whiskey Tortoise

Dorset - Whiskey Tortoise

I LOVE the classic look of these! They’re so stylish and will go with EVERY outfit. The tortoise style, to me, screams classy and chic. This pair of glasses will never go out of style – the color and frames are timeless.

2 – Dorset – Coastal Blue Fade

Dorset - Coastal Blue Fade

The style is the same as the first, but I am drawn to this color! The grayish blue tones in the frames is so pretty! These would pair so well with all colors, too, and could be thrown on with dressier work outfits or jeans and a sweater on the weekend.

3 – Crane – Atlantic Blue

Crane - Atlantic Blue

Does anyone else feel like navy is the new black? It’s definitely becoming a neutral and I’ve been loving looks lately that bring in navy and black – so simple and chic.

4 – Laurel 16 – Striped Sassafras

Laurel 16 - Striped Sassafrass

When I was browsing the sunglasses, I loved all the classic shapes and tortoise-like coloring, but the patterns were so different. The Striped Sassafrass coloring of this version of the Laurel 16’s lives up to the name for sure. The shape is so classic – it will look great for morning commutes and fun on the weekends.

5 – Piper – Digital Horn with Peony

Piper - Digital Horn with Peony

I am OBSESSED with these sunglasses – I definitely saved the best for last! I love the classic color of the frames, but the pattern is unique. And the pop of pink?! So pretty – these would be great for the beach, but would also look so pretty paired with a sundress! I keep seeing these paired with a light midi skirt, short sleeved t-shirt tucked in and a high pony or pretty curls!

This post was fun to write – and it was fun to explore a newer company, its history
(it was started by friends who were inspired after one of them lost their glasses on a backpacking trip. A poor college student, he spent the next year squinting because he couldn’t afford a new pair!) and its mission. If nothing else, I hope it gives you an option to remember if you’re on the hunt for a new pair of prescription glasses – for work or the beach!

Have a great day – and happy Mardi Gras!



Please note: I was not compensated for this post, but was approached by the company to include its products in a blog post. These insights are my honest opinions.



Wish List Wednesday

holiday and wlw.jpg

1 I 234 I 567891011121314

Over the weekend, I was working on this post and realized how many great holiday sales were happening online…still!

The items in red are holiday clearance items that are about 75% off. H&M, Pier 1, World Market, Nordstrom and Macy’s had some great deals. If you like metallics, looking in holiday clearance sections is a great place to find gold and silver accent in addition to Christmas decor. (I may have to buy some of those wine glasses — gorgeous!)

I’ve only bought one set of sconces in my life, but two very different ones caught my eye on H&M’s site. I love the black-framed distressed-looking mirror–so pretty–and the gold star sconces are gorgeous. SUCH great prices, too. The dinner plates and serving piece from World Market look like watercolors, so I loved them immediately.

The ‘Push for Champagne’ frame is from Beauty Appeal, an Etsy store, owned my friend Aly. Her stuff is awesome — I received one of the necklaces as a Christmas gift from her sister-in-law and I LOVE it — she does custom pieces, too!

I had to throw the basketball court rug from H&M in there, too. I’ve seen it online and just love it — is it terrible that I want to buy it in case I have a sporty child someday?!

Happy shopping!

Have a great day!