Hi! I’m Lindsey – Ohio native, sports marketing professional and dogmom to Jersey and JoJo.

When I started this blog in 2015, I was married, living in New Orleans and working for the NBA and NFL teams in New Orleans. I spent a lot of my free time cooking, baking, crafting and decorating our home.

The blog trailed off in the spring of 2016 shortly after I started a new job and since then, things are pretty different – in a good way!

IMG_0007 - Copy.JPGJersey (pink collar) and JoJo (blue collar)

In February of 2017, I moved back to my home state of Ohio and am no longer married. Over the last two years, I’ve fallen in love with all things outdoors and try and spend as much time in the woods as possible. With my new job, working in sports and entertainment marketing for the American Diabetes Association, I was fortunate to travel a lot – including several solo trips – and I never realized how much I enjoyed exploring new places…especially on my own!

After settling into life in Ohio, I’m on a new and different path. Spending most of my free time hiking, camping, working out and volunteering, I’m not quite sure the direction the blog will take (hopefully, LOTS of travel!) – or life, but we’ll just have to take both one day at a time!

Thanks for joining me here and if you have any questions, please feel free to email me!

IMG_8537Twin Sisters Falls in Ohio

Why Treasured Inspiration? 

What the heck does that mean? Well, when I was considering options, it hit me that I really didn’t want to define this space, but, instead, find a way to communicate to readers that there isn’t one particular person or place or quote or piece of art that is inspiring – it’s everything. It could be the way someone is focusing or expressing their passion about a project at work or it could be the view from the rooftop of a building or restaurant. It could be the unconditional love witnessed between a parent and child or even the unbridled excitement that makes my heart want to burst when I walk in the door and see our sweet puppies Jersey and JoJo after work.

Feeling inspired by so many people, places, things and ideas makes me feel like I have “inspiration ADD” sometimes or some kind of chronic, every-changing motivation that leads me to want to do everything, see every place and try every adventurous activity under the sun. It’s overwhelming sometimes, but I don’t want to take it for granted — I want to treasure it.

IMG_0147Hiking in Lake Tahoe in summer of 2017

IMG_0018Kicking off 2018 in Lake Tahoe 

IMG_6666Overlook at Secret Beach at Lake Tahoe 

IMG_6864My first 14er! Gray’s Peak outside Denver

20160925_144610Hiking up Mt. Ellinor in Fall of 2016 – the views of Mt. Rainier were amazing!

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