What I Would Pack with HomeAway

Happy Thursday!

First off, thank you all for reading yesterday’s post — I received a ton of great comments on social media and so many of you read the post, which is so much appreciated it.

I’m excited to have worked with HomeAway on a fun post talking vacation essentials– I mean, who’s NOT excited about getting away this summer?

First, I picked a place to go and I chose the Florida Gulf Coast – specifically, Navarre Beach! You can check out some other beautiful locations along the Florida Panhandle here. I’ve been looking at places in hopes of getting a chance to sneak off to the beach of a long weekend and found some beautiful options there–the white sand and blue-green water?! Sign. Me. Up.

Here are my essentials:

HA Getaway_Lindsey2

Bobble water bottle: I’ve talked about Bobble’s products before, but having water out by the beach is essential — especially if you’re sipping a couple of cocktails. It’s all about balance, right?! I will always love Bobble’s products since they filter water as you drink it, help cut down on the amount of plastic water bottles used and make life so easy when traveling.

Budget-friendly floppy hat: As I get older, I practically hide from the sun — so much for all of those days of throwing tanning oil on and trying to get as tan as possible! I’d love to get a beautiful, expensive hat, but reality sets in when it comes to the wind, the water and the salt. This Forever 21 option is fantastic! I bought three when we went on our trip to the BVIs and wore two of them out during the trip. When I’m having fun with family on the beach playing games or going in the water, I don’t want to be worrying about getting my hat wet!

A great book [or series of books!]: I’ve shared my Hunger Games obsessed before and the series is one of my favorite beach reads. Sitting by the water with a book listening to the waves crash — my favorite place on Earth!

BB cream with SPF: When CC and BB creams started becoming popular, I bought a sample pack for the above mentioned trip to the BVIs thinking it’d be great to have some coverage — especially with a high SPF — and have the chance to even out my skin with minimal work before hitting the beach, pool or heading out on the boat. This one by Dr. Jart is fantastic — such great products, coverage and protection from the sun.

The perfect beach chair: Last, but maybe most important is a good beach chair. Tommy Bahama makes some great chairs (and sometimes you can find them at Costco or B.J.’s for a steal!). This chair is my tried and true – lots of pockets, a cup holder and it’s a backpack. We sneak our towels in there, as well, while we’re walking out to claim our spot. I’ll take my chair down by the water and let the waves hit my feet, while I enjoy my book and a drink…can I go to the beach right now, PLEASE?!

I hope you enjoyed this post — I’ve always been a beach girl, so it was fun teaming up with HomeAway to share some of my essentials. Now, I just need to book the vacation.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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