Holiday Gift Guide: Day 4

As Cyber Monday kicks off, I hope everyone was able to knock out some holiday shopping, but also spend time with the family. I got most of our indoor holiday decorations up. Next weekend: outdoor decor.

Today’s the last gift guide installment. We’ll start with the ladies, as always — enjoy!

Microsoft Word - Chef

For the chef

Bonus idea!: I’ve posted about this product before: the sprializer. This is the same model that I have and it’s awesome in the kitchen!

Splurge!: When I was looking at splurge items, I tried to remember what the most important items were in my kitchen and a good knife cannot be underestimated. This one has great reviews.

To accessorize:  Comfy shoes are must in the kitchen and these Toms shoes also give back!

For the mind: I’ve read amazing reviews on this book – it’s on my list, too!

To wear: Etsy had some great aprons, but this denim apron is such a classic and would hold up so well.

Steal!: This lemon squeezer is a great stocking stuffer!

To relax: After a long day in the kitchen, your feet are exhausted. This foot soak would be a huge help in unwinding.

To feel pretty: Around the holidays, when you’re cooking a lot and constantly washing your hands, they get so dry. This lotion had great reviews as an intense hand therapy.

For the home: DYING over this dessert and baking salts set – so much fun for experimenting for the chef in your life!

To stay fit: Under Armour shirts are so great for layering and keep you cool and warm depending on the weather. This would be a great shirt for the kitchen, too!


For the hostess

For the home: These were just too pretty not to include. A gorgeous accessory for the hostess with the mostest!

To wear: When you’re running around with a house full of people, you want to be comfortable but look chic. This dress fits the bill for both – and, if you spill, you’re wearing black!

Splurge!: This bowl is SO cool – it chills multiple bottles of wine or champagne and is gorgeous!

To stay fit: This jacket is perfect to hit the gym… and then run errands for your next party.

Bonus idea!: Cheese boards are so much fun and this one is adorable! Uncommon Goods makes a $1 donation to a variety of charities with every purchase so this gift gives back!

To feel pretty: Whenever I host a party, I’m ALWAYS scrambling to get ready before people arrive. This gift set has everything you need for a quick makeup application before the doorbell rings.

To relax: After you’re done hosting a party, you’re a little wired. Bath and Body Works’ lavender vanilla/Sleep line is a great way to unwind.

To accessorize: This apron needs no explanation – it’s cheeky and fun!

For the mind: This Kate Spade book gives you all the best tips about being a great host – and it looks pretty!

Steal!: If you’re looking for an inexpensive gift for your favorite hostess, wine stoppers like this one are great!

Now it’s the guys’ turn…

Microsoft Word - BBQ Pitmaster

For the BBQ Pitmaster

To wear: This personalized apron is awesome for BBQing – it comes with a bottle opener [a beer is a necessity when grilling] and has tons of great pockets.

Bonus idea!: This grill light and fan would be great on a hot summer night.

For the home:  This Uncommon Goods’ Himalayan Salt BBQ plank would be a cool addition to a BBQ master’s collection.

To accessorize: Every pitmaster needs a great glove and Weber products are amazing!

Splurge!: Last year, I bought my SO a Big Green Egg and he LOVES it. They are definitely expensive, but worth the money. Talking to everyone that has one, they’ve had them for decades and they work as well now as they did the first time they used them.

To feel handsome: Burt’s Bees bug spray. A must in the summer!

For the mind: Aaron Franklin is known as one of the best BBQ pitmasters in the country. This book would give some great insight to a budding pitmaster.

Steal!: These flexible kabab wires are awesome!


Hope the gift guides were helpful as you prep for the holidays!

Have a great day!


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