Holiday Gift Guide: Day 3

Happy Friday!

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! Today’s gift guide will include gifts for the workout warrior, the adventurist and outdoorsman and the sports buff. Let’s start with the ladies!

Microsoft Word - athlete

For the Workout Warrior

Splurge!: This LuluLemon bag has everything you could want in a gym bag – even a place for a yoga mat!

Bonus idea: It’s tough to buy shoes for people –especially devoted workoutees—but these Nikes are not only functional, but they’re fashionable.

To relax: Burt’s Bees makes great products and these bath crystals are great when your muscles are little sore and need a refresh.

To wear: Target has great workout clothes and this jacket is no exception. This piece would be great during the colder months to run and in out of the gym – or to run errands!

To accessorize: Whoever created this water bottle is a genus. It has a place for your key and credit card. Makes it so much easier to run to the gym when you only have one thing to carry.

For the home: Kettle bell workouts are awesome. Gift your workout-loving gal pal with a set for home so she doesn’t have to make it to the gym to sneak in a great workout.

To stay fit: Help motivate your girlfriend with this great Nike shirt – Don’t Stop, Don’t Yield!

Steal!: Forever 21 also has some cute and functional workout pieces. This pretty top would be great for yoga or pilates!

For the mind: This book is about the highly-publicized May 1996 Mount Everest expeditions. The author, Jon Krakauer, gives his account of the expedition.

To feel pretty: When you’re running outside and sweating a lot, it’s important to take care of your skin. This Supergoop! set has a few different products that are essential to keep in your gym bag.

Microsoft Word - adventurist

The Adventurist

For the mind: This was a book I read last summer about a marine biologist and her path to starting her own non-profit ocean conservation organization. Her adventures are so interesting!

For the home: For someone who likes to travel and be outdoors, it’s a safe bet they have some amazing photos. Give them the chance to make a fleece blanket with their favorite images to display in their home with a gift card to

Bonus idea!: Camping tents are a necessity for someone who likes to hike and camp – this one got great reviews, has easy set up and is super light for hiking.

To stay fit: For hiking, this CamelBak reservoir would be perfect – it’s on sale, too!

To relax: This foaming bath is amazing and is great for sore muscles – and it’s a steal!

To wear: Comfortable, breathable material is essential when dressing for hikes and camps. This long-sleeved Patagonia shirt is great for layering.

To feel pretty: When I was searching for a beauty product, I wanted to find one that had great sun protection and got high nods from a review-standpoint. This COOLA lip balm looks amazing!

Splurge!: If your friend is looking to upgrade her camping or hiking bag, this one is amazing! It’s a little pricey, but it’s definitely an investment!

To accessorize: These gloves would be a great addition to anyone’s collection and are tech-friendly.

Steal!: Banded2gether makes great products and this headband would be a great gift for any active girlfriend!

Microsoft Word - Sports Buff

For the Sports Fan

To wear: Instead of a jersey, get your favorite sports man a jersey t-shirt of his favorite player – or get him a personalized one!

Splurge!: If the sports buff in your life has a favorite team, look for cool memorabilia like a chair from the old stadium that was knocked down. This Yankees chair is such a cook gift for a fan!

For the mind: Bill Parcells is a legend in the football world. His book tells so many stories that give insight into his career and its effect on his life.

To feel handsome: Help your sports fan out with this chapstick for those cold, outdoor games.

To accessorize: Love this G-Shock watch for the sports fan. Simple and sporty.

Steal!: As far as basketball goes, Michael Jordan is the GOAT. These socks are a steal – and give your sports fan a chance to rock the Jumpman.

For the home: Memorabilia is always a great gift. Steiner Sports has some really cool items, including this Mark Messier Facsimile Story on stretched canvas. The website has items for every athlete and team!

Bonus idea!: Does your favorite sports fan have a special ball that’s signed or from his childhood? Check out these cases at Michael’s. They have them for every sport and often have a buy one, get one 50% off sale – you can always download the app for a coupon, too (40-50% off one item!).

Microsoft Word - Outdoorsman

For the Outdoorsman

For the mind: Help the outdoorsman in your life choose some of his future trips with this Guide to National Parks by National Geographic – bonus that part of the profits go to the National Geographic Society!

To wear: The purchase of this shirt provides 10 meals for schoolchildren around the world. FEED is known for engaging people in the fight against hunger in a tangible way. Each product includes a number stamp that signifies the amount of meals provided with its purchase.

Steal!: This thermal headband is perfect for cold-morning hikes.

To feel handsome: Or…maybe just to feel clean. Camp Suds in a Nalgene bottle are the perfect stocking stuffer for the camper in your life.

To accessorize: For night hikes, this headlamp is a great purchase!

Splurge!: This gift is a two-parter. First, the two-burner stove that’s great for car camping and the REI camp kitchen to keep everything together when you’re cooking at a campsite.

For the home: The Outdoorsman is certain to have special places he’s visited and photos from those trips. With a gift card to CanvasPop, give him the chance to display some of his favorite memories around the house.

Bonus!: This travel journal would be a great gift for a hiker or camper. When you’ve been so many places and seen many different beautiful views, it’s hard to keep them all straight. This journal is light and easy to travel with.

One more day of gift guides remaning next week — happy shopping!

Have a great day!


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