Holiday Gift Guide: Day 4

As Cyber Monday kicks off, I hope everyone was able to knock out some holiday shopping, but also spend time with the family. I got most of our indoor holiday decorations up. Next weekend: outdoor decor.

Today’s the last gift guide installment. We’ll start with the ladies, as always — enjoy!

Microsoft Word - Chef

For the chef

Bonus idea!: I’ve posted about this product before: the sprializer. This is the same model that I have and it’s awesome in the kitchen!

Splurge!: When I was looking at splurge items, I tried to remember what the most important items were in my kitchen and a good knife cannot be underestimated. This one has great reviews.

To accessorize:  Comfy shoes are must in the kitchen and these Toms shoes also give back!

For the mind: I’ve read amazing reviews on this book – it’s on my list, too!

To wear: Etsy had some great aprons, but this denim apron is such a classic and would hold up so well.

Steal!: This lemon squeezer is a great stocking stuffer!

To relax: After a long day in the kitchen, your feet are exhausted. This foot soak would be a huge help in unwinding.

To feel pretty: Around the holidays, when you’re cooking a lot and constantly washing your hands, they get so dry. This lotion had great reviews as an intense hand therapy.

For the home: DYING over this dessert and baking salts set – so much fun for experimenting for the chef in your life!

To stay fit: Under Armour shirts are so great for layering and keep you cool and warm depending on the weather. This would be a great shirt for the kitchen, too!


For the hostess

For the home: These were just too pretty not to include. A gorgeous accessory for the hostess with the mostest!

To wear: When you’re running around with a house full of people, you want to be comfortable but look chic. This dress fits the bill for both – and, if you spill, you’re wearing black!

Splurge!: This bowl is SO cool – it chills multiple bottles of wine or champagne and is gorgeous!

To stay fit: This jacket is perfect to hit the gym… and then run errands for your next party.

Bonus idea!: Cheese boards are so much fun and this one is adorable! Uncommon Goods makes a $1 donation to a variety of charities with every purchase so this gift gives back!

To feel pretty: Whenever I host a party, I’m ALWAYS scrambling to get ready before people arrive. This gift set has everything you need for a quick makeup application before the doorbell rings.

To relax: After you’re done hosting a party, you’re a little wired. Bath and Body Works’ lavender vanilla/Sleep line is a great way to unwind.

To accessorize: This apron needs no explanation – it’s cheeky and fun!

For the mind: This Kate Spade book gives you all the best tips about being a great host – and it looks pretty!

Steal!: If you’re looking for an inexpensive gift for your favorite hostess, wine stoppers like this one are great!

Now it’s the guys’ turn…

Microsoft Word - BBQ Pitmaster

For the BBQ Pitmaster

To wear: This personalized apron is awesome for BBQing – it comes with a bottle opener [a beer is a necessity when grilling] and has tons of great pockets.

Bonus idea!: This grill light and fan would be great on a hot summer night.

For the home:  This Uncommon Goods’ Himalayan Salt BBQ plank would be a cool addition to a BBQ master’s collection.

To accessorize: Every pitmaster needs a great glove and Weber products are amazing!

Splurge!: Last year, I bought my SO a Big Green Egg and he LOVES it. They are definitely expensive, but worth the money. Talking to everyone that has one, they’ve had them for decades and they work as well now as they did the first time they used them.

To feel handsome: Burt’s Bees bug spray. A must in the summer!

For the mind: Aaron Franklin is known as one of the best BBQ pitmasters in the country. This book would give some great insight to a budding pitmaster.

Steal!: These flexible kabab wires are awesome!


Hope the gift guides were helpful as you prep for the holidays!

Have a great day!


Holiday Gift Guide: Day 3

Happy Friday!

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! Today’s gift guide will include gifts for the workout warrior, the adventurist and outdoorsman and the sports buff. Let’s start with the ladies!

Microsoft Word - athlete

For the Workout Warrior

Splurge!: This LuluLemon bag has everything you could want in a gym bag – even a place for a yoga mat!

Bonus idea: It’s tough to buy shoes for people –especially devoted workoutees—but these Nikes are not only functional, but they’re fashionable.

To relax: Burt’s Bees makes great products and these bath crystals are great when your muscles are little sore and need a refresh.

To wear: Target has great workout clothes and this jacket is no exception. This piece would be great during the colder months to run and in out of the gym – or to run errands!

To accessorize: Whoever created this water bottle is a genus. It has a place for your key and credit card. Makes it so much easier to run to the gym when you only have one thing to carry.

For the home: Kettle bell workouts are awesome. Gift your workout-loving gal pal with a set for home so she doesn’t have to make it to the gym to sneak in a great workout.

To stay fit: Help motivate your girlfriend with this great Nike shirt – Don’t Stop, Don’t Yield!

Steal!: Forever 21 also has some cute and functional workout pieces. This pretty top would be great for yoga or pilates!

For the mind: This book is about the highly-publicized May 1996 Mount Everest expeditions. The author, Jon Krakauer, gives his account of the expedition.

To feel pretty: When you’re running outside and sweating a lot, it’s important to take care of your skin. This Supergoop! set has a few different products that are essential to keep in your gym bag.

Microsoft Word - adventurist

The Adventurist

For the mind: This was a book I read last summer about a marine biologist and her path to starting her own non-profit ocean conservation organization. Her adventures are so interesting!

For the home: For someone who likes to travel and be outdoors, it’s a safe bet they have some amazing photos. Give them the chance to make a fleece blanket with their favorite images to display in their home with a gift card to

Bonus idea!: Camping tents are a necessity for someone who likes to hike and camp – this one got great reviews, has easy set up and is super light for hiking.

To stay fit: For hiking, this CamelBak reservoir would be perfect – it’s on sale, too!

To relax: This foaming bath is amazing and is great for sore muscles – and it’s a steal!

To wear: Comfortable, breathable material is essential when dressing for hikes and camps. This long-sleeved Patagonia shirt is great for layering.

To feel pretty: When I was searching for a beauty product, I wanted to find one that had great sun protection and got high nods from a review-standpoint. This COOLA lip balm looks amazing!

Splurge!: If your friend is looking to upgrade her camping or hiking bag, this one is amazing! It’s a little pricey, but it’s definitely an investment!

To accessorize: These gloves would be a great addition to anyone’s collection and are tech-friendly.

Steal!: Banded2gether makes great products and this headband would be a great gift for any active girlfriend!

Microsoft Word - Sports Buff

For the Sports Fan

To wear: Instead of a jersey, get your favorite sports man a jersey t-shirt of his favorite player – or get him a personalized one!

Splurge!: If the sports buff in your life has a favorite team, look for cool memorabilia like a chair from the old stadium that was knocked down. This Yankees chair is such a cook gift for a fan!

For the mind: Bill Parcells is a legend in the football world. His book tells so many stories that give insight into his career and its effect on his life.

To feel handsome: Help your sports fan out with this chapstick for those cold, outdoor games.

To accessorize: Love this G-Shock watch for the sports fan. Simple and sporty.

Steal!: As far as basketball goes, Michael Jordan is the GOAT. These socks are a steal – and give your sports fan a chance to rock the Jumpman.

For the home: Memorabilia is always a great gift. Steiner Sports has some really cool items, including this Mark Messier Facsimile Story on stretched canvas. The website has items for every athlete and team!

Bonus idea!: Does your favorite sports fan have a special ball that’s signed or from his childhood? Check out these cases at Michael’s. They have them for every sport and often have a buy one, get one 50% off sale – you can always download the app for a coupon, too (40-50% off one item!).

Microsoft Word - Outdoorsman

For the Outdoorsman

For the mind: Help the outdoorsman in your life choose some of his future trips with this Guide to National Parks by National Geographic – bonus that part of the profits go to the National Geographic Society!

To wear: The purchase of this shirt provides 10 meals for schoolchildren around the world. FEED is known for engaging people in the fight against hunger in a tangible way. Each product includes a number stamp that signifies the amount of meals provided with its purchase.

Steal!: This thermal headband is perfect for cold-morning hikes.

To feel handsome: Or…maybe just to feel clean. Camp Suds in a Nalgene bottle are the perfect stocking stuffer for the camper in your life.

To accessorize: For night hikes, this headlamp is a great purchase!

Splurge!: This gift is a two-parter. First, the two-burner stove that’s great for car camping and the REI camp kitchen to keep everything together when you’re cooking at a campsite.

For the home: The Outdoorsman is certain to have special places he’s visited and photos from those trips. With a gift card to CanvasPop, give him the chance to display some of his favorite memories around the house.

Bonus!: This travel journal would be a great gift for a hiker or camper. When you’ve been so many places and seen many different beautiful views, it’s hard to keep them all straight. This journal is light and easy to travel with.

One more day of gift guides remaning next week — happy shopping!

Have a great day!


Five Things for Friday

Good morning!

As we’ve officially passed Thanksgiving, which my SO calls the “Gateway to Christmas,” I’m really excited for the holidays and planning for our annual holiday dinner on Christmas day.

Yesterday was a great day. I slept in a bit and then volunteered at Animal Rescute New Orleans, a local no-kill animal shelter. I used to volunteer there once a week… and then I came home with a dog and was put on a mandatory hiatus from spending time there.

It was great to be back and there are some SUPER sweet dogs for adoption. If you’re thinking of getting a family pet for the holidays, PLEASE consider adoption before purchasing a dog from a breeder. There are so many amazing pets for adoption!

Here are five photos from a great week — and, for the first time, no dog pictures!

EGLast weekend, Pelicans guard Eric Gordon hosted an EG10 Gives event for 25 families in New Orleans East. In addition to spending time with Eric and receiving tickets to the next home game, Eric bought Thanksgiving meals with all of the fixings for them. This woman was especially appreciative and gave Eric some sugar!

575728229_AD_Flight_Academy_LMJ_0063.jpgOn Monday, Anthony Davis hosted dinner for 175 disciples at New Orleans Mission. Another great AD’s Flight Academy event hosted by Anthony and planned by my co-worker, Julie.

EldonOne of the many adorable dogs at ARNO yesterday. This is Eldon and he is sweet, clean and snuggly.

Holiday decorationsVisited our storage unit to bring all of our holiday decorations home. I swear the decorations grow by a storage bin every year…

IMG_28862A few months ago, I was fortunate to win an Instagram contest from A Pinch of Lovely that included a $250 gift card to Lyon and Post. These Chiara Ferragni wink flats were one of my purchases. Such a great company — I can’t wait to share the rest with you in an upcoming post.

Have a great weekend!



Holiday Gift Guide: Day 2

We’re kicking off today’s gift guides with family and wrapping up with a list of ideas for a girl’s most fashionable friend.

Happy list-making!

Microsoft Word - BROTHER

For the home: If you’re looking for a fun gift for your brother, this crate of goodies would definitely be a hit. Mancrates carries gifts featuring TONS of different teams’ logos and different themes.

To feel handsome: I’ve mentioned Kiehl’s before on the blog, but I had to throw this set in there as a great gift for a brother. It has the basics of skincare for men and, when I was looking for gifts before, I smelled a few of these products and they are amazing.

To accessorize: TOMS is going to make multiple appearances in the gift guides. Not only are these shoes awesome, but they’re a part of the TOMS Animal Initiative AND, because of your purchase, a child in need will receive a pair of shoes. TOMS is joining forces with National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative to raise awareness and funds in an effort to reverse the declining numbers of big cats around the world through several projects in Africa, Asia and North and South America. The lining of the shoes even features Nat Geo photos of lions!

Steal!: When I was trying to think of a fun gift that, I felt like, you could only get a sibling to provide a good laugh, Soap-on-a-Rope immediately came to mind. I mean, who else would appreciate a frog Soap-on-a-Rope more than a sibling?!

Splurge!: If you’re really looking to spoil your brother, a great set of headphones is the way to go. This pair of earbuds from Bose is pricey, but there’s no better brand out there!

Bonus idea: One of my co-workers was telling me about this phone case created by J. Crew and Jimmy Fallon. Such a cool idea – an attachable pocket square for a phone case to jazz up your jacket?! Genius, Jimmy Fallon, genius.

To wear: Crazy socks are always a fun gift and these are no exception—however, there is an added bonus, profits benefit the Human Rights Campaign!

For the mind: Lastly, to keep your brother inspired, check out this book by Buzz Aldrin, No Dream Is Too High. This gift gives back, too, as profits benefit the National Geographic Society.

Microsoft Word - Bestie_Sister

To stay fit: Inspire your sister or bestie during this workout with this great Nike tank.

Splurge!: Everyone remembers the various friendship bracelets passed around in middle school, but this gorgeous bracelet puts those to shame. Give your best gal something to remind them of how much they mean to you.

For the home: This Kate Spade mug is too cute. Such a great gift idea!

To feel pretty: A few months ago, I ordered the sample pack for I Smell Great to see which scents I liked. Wild Honey – amazing! Love this mist!

To accessorize: What girl doesn’t love Tiffany’s? These earrings are timeless and classic…and go with anything!

Splurge…again!: I had to add a second ‘splurge’ item when I saw this necklace. It’s made from horn and is one of The Akola Project’s gorgeous pieces. Charitable gift alert! The Akola Project (named by the women working for the projects because “akola” means “she works”), has impacted 2,750 people in the last seven years. The Akola Project empowers women by giving them an opportunity to work, learn life skills and provide for their family.

To relax: Kiehl’s strikes again. This amazing lavender foaming bath will help anyone relax.

Steal!Steal!: How cute are these earrings? Less than $10?! What a great stocking stuffer!

Bonus idea!: You can create your own message on a bracelet on Ryan Porter’s website. This bracelet shows the love!

To wear: Jillian Harris has impeccable style and her line for Privilege Clothing is no exception. These PJs are too cute and would be such a great gift!

For the mind: Give your sis or bestie guaranteed giggles with Mindy Kaling’s first book.



Steal!: Love the idea of this shoe-cleaning kit as a steal of a gift at $16 – something that’s very useful!

For the mind: This gift will touch your man’s mind…and heart! This book from Uncommon Goods (charitable contribution alert!) gives you the chance to be the author and tell your guy how much you love him.

For the home:  These drink rocks from the Museum of Modern Art are so fun! I’ve seen whiskey stones before, but these were a whole new level. Icing on the cake – the support the museum!

To accessorize: A few years ago, I bought my SO a pair of Bose noise-canceling headphones and, though they were a splurge, they have paid for themselves 10 times over. The great thing about the pair pictured here is that the colors are customizeable!

Splurge!: These cufflinks…y’all. I couldn’t pick just one pair as a splurge because the concept of both was tugging on my heartstrings. First off,  our dogs’ faces on cufflinks… amazing. Second, having the chance to customize a pair with your initials, anniversary and coordinates of where you met/were married…such a thoughtful and sweet gift!

To wear: Tommy Bahama makes these amazing t-shirts that are so soft. My SO loves them – they’re pricey, but they last for a LONG time and they have a ton of color options!

Bonus idea: Cornhole has become a backyard barbeque staple and having custom boards made for your guy are such a great gift idea. You can choose from ANY team or any color combo – Etsy has a ton of great sellers!

To feel handsome: Tommy Bahama strikes again – this scent smells so great! If you know what he likes, cologne is a great way to spoil your guy at the holidays!

We’ll wrap today’s post up with a gift guide for your most stylish gal pal…the fashionista!



To feel pretty: Fashionistas are ALWAYS the most stylish. This great Sephora palette has some gorgeous colors for everyone’s complexion.

To relax: Lush cosmetics’ Snow Fairy scent is perfect for the holidays – and the pink…perfect for a girly friend!

Splurge!: Olivia Palermo x Bauble Bar is such a great collection and this statement necklace is beautiful.

For the mind: For any fashionista, Rachel Zoe is the holy grail. You may even get an, “I DIE” out of your friend with this book as a gift.

To accessorize: Back to TOMS and its collaboration with National Geographic. These sunglasses are so cute – leopard prints are definitely a neutral—and, with purchase, funds and awareness are generated to save Big Cats!

To stay fit: Help inspire your gal pal to be active with these leggings that won’t break the bank – less than $25!

For the home: This Tom Ford quote is awesome – and I’m sure your fashionista friend doesn’t disagree. The print is less than $6—find a great frame and you’ve found a beautiful gift for your friend’s home!

Steal!: Fashionistas have style from head to toe – this phone case from H&M is a steal at $13.

To wear: Love this ILY Couture shirt – most girls are shoe addicts, right? Check out their site – some fun options for all of your friends and family!

Bonus idea: For the friend who has every article of clothing and every accessory you could imagine, give them a gift card for Stitch Fix. It’s so easy: take a style/personality test, receive pieces to try on, keep what you like and send back what you don’t and then decide if you want to keep having your ‘stylist’ pull looks for you.

That “wraps up” today’s gift guides…see what I did there?! Ha ha! Looking forward to sharing a few more the rest of the week.

Have a great day!